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COVID Protocols

Information and Protocols

• All players will be required to turn in a Health Questionnaire, signed by parent/guardian (or player if 18 years old), prior to that player’s first practice of EACH calendar week.
• All player’s temperature will be checked prior to entering the practice facility
• All players will sanitize their hands upon entering the practice facility
• All players, coaches, and SPVC personnel will wear a mask at all times (except while actively drinking water)
• All players and coaches will practice social distancing while in the practice facility (on court play excepted)
• All volleyballs/equipment will be disinfected prior to each practice.


POSITIVE COVID TEST GUIDELINES - Any player, coach or SPVC personnel who receives a positive COVID test will not be allowed to return to participation until they have passed EACH of the following guidelines:

• At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared AND
• At least 24 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications AND
• Symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath) have improved


Any player, coach or SPVC personnel who is EXPOSED to a person who receives a positive COVID test will not be allowed to return to practice for 14 days from last exposure. Volleyball related considerations:

• Teammates who participate in a practice (while wearing masks) with a player/coach who then tests positive WILL NOT be considered EXPOSED.
• Players riding in a car (carpooling) with a teammate/parent who then tests positive WILL BE considered EXPOSED.

We take the safety of our players and coaches seriously, and therefore, are requiring that each family acknowledge their reporting responsibilities in supporting SPVC in our safety efforts. All families must immediately report to SPVC any positive COVID test, or EXPOSURE to a person with a positive COVID test. An email must be sent to BOTH the coach of your daughter’s team AND In addition, a text notification to your daughter’s coach would also be appreciated.

Any player/family who does not report such results within an acceptable time frame is subject to discipline within the club, including potential removal from their team.

No partial refunds will be provided for missed practice time due to positive test results UNLESS practice is cancelled by SPVC.